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.m. or future days. the romney campaign is watching closely florida, virginia and ohio. there are very few victory strategies contemplated by boston, the romney campaign, that don't include the buckeye state and they're concerned about signs of high turn-out in the northern part of ohio where the detroit auto bail-out was a big mallet which the president pounded mr. romney. on the southern border of ohio along kentucky, particularly along cincinnati, hamilton county, big optimism and turn-out for the republican campaign. virginia, florida, ohio romney believes so go though so goes the country. romney has only written one speech, a victory speech. >> carl cameron. let's get straight to the president's camp in chicago and ed henry. >> shep, the president has been getting very wistful. it started in iowa what started the obama movement. he said today he was crying partly because it was cold out and thinking back four years ago and thinking about everyone turning out for him last night. he is hoping for big turn-outs in big battlegrounds. i got off the phone with one of the president's senior
% of the precincts reporting. barack obama 51%, mitt romney at 48% of the vote. >> now to florida, which is another huge state. 29 electoral votes up for grabs here. 89% of the precincts reporting. barack obama leading 51% to mitt romney, 49%. virginia tilting mitt romney's way. >> we're also keeping an eye on key races in the house and senate tonight. >> reporter: after a record amount of money spent on house and senate races, and some pretty big controversies, it all comes town to tonight. i'm joined by the managing editor of the hill. the headline right now, it's projected, republicans will retain control of the house. >> that's right. >> reporter: what's your reaction to this? it's not unexpected. >> it's not. it was an uphill projection for the democrats. they needed 25 seats, that was just too much of a climb for them. >> reporter: 38 democrats so far, 71 republicans have taken seats in the house. >> democrats were banking that medicare was going to be a big issue. democrats said the republicans were going to betray the tea party extreme. the strategy just did not bear fruit. >> reporter: the
. who is actually showing up, who is casting ballots, and, states like ohio, iowa, nevada, florida, we're doing very, very well. what they are doing is comparing this to 2008, and you and i have had the discussion. i am not suggesting we will win by the same margin we won in 2008. and, they are comparing themselves to john mccain, who had virtually no ground operation in many of these states, so, yes, they will do better than john mccain did and we may not do as well as we did in 2008, but, we are doing plenty well and well enough to win the race. >> chris: let me ask you, briefly, about florida, where president obama is down by more than a point, in the polls. and yet you are making your final advertising by the campaign there. in florida. why not in the state you must win? >> well, first of all, we feel very competitive in the state of florida. there have been a spate of polls, in fact in all of these polls, battle ground state polls that came out the last 48 hours, we are ahead in 90% of them, including florida. and there were a couple of mixed polls in florida, but we are very plea
,000 it was florida, four years ago, ohio and this year, ohio is going to be key. let's keep it in virginia for a minute. you talked a minute go ago about the senate race going on between tim kaine and between george allen. tim kaine in his gubernatorial race, allen and also mark warner. virginia has gone increasingly purple. you have a situation where northern virginia, especially n areas of louden county and fairfax county, they have gotten progressively more democratic over the last few years. now, it's a different picture altogether when you go down to the county, parts of danville, over to roanoke. that is solid republican ground. for the most part, the formula to winning virginia, the last few election cycles, is to run hard if you're a democrat in the northern parts of virginia and do what can you around areas like richmond. that is a very urban voting block, strongly democratic base and see if can you piece together northern virginia, say richmond and newport news. the difference this year, though, is that mitt romney's campaign turned the logic on its head. they said no, we're goin
big states: ohio, florida, and virginia. ohio being number one. i think florida is a republican state with 29 electoral votes and that is why they spent with ohio as 18 and that is why they have gone after the 13 electoral votes in virginia. hadn't gone democratic since 1964. linden banees johnson wanted it. sixty% he got in northern virginia. the bellweather counties or prince william and low den. he got 58% in prince william, in 2009, the republican mcdonald did very well in the southwest. the democrats are getting clobbered in cold country and they have to concentrate in getting out the african- american vote, which is very large, the same level of enthusiasm. i heard of all of the state battleground polls, this is a tie. it's going to be contested to the end. >> when you look at both of these campaigns tonight, the barack obama and mitt romney facades, when the staffers go to bed tonight, what is the biggest concern for obama and romney? >> the biggest concern for obama is independent voters neither democrats or republicans. romney was way ahead. you remember, tom, i discussed he
on morse street just off of florida avenue. this is a busy warehouse district overnight. these are warehouses that get in a lot of imports and exports, not only goods and products but also a lot of the food here that gets supplied to restaurants around the area. we don't know exactly which warehouse this particular fire was in. we do know it was in the 400 block here. when firefighters got here around 11:00, we believe is when the first notification went out. we do have video of that from last night as well. but definitely there was smoke and heavy flames. at one point, they had to pull all of the teams out of the warehouse they were working in because it was getting too dangerous. they then decided to fight the fire from the outside rather than the inside. for a while, there were portions of florida avenue shut down as well. florida avenue was shut down when we first got here but now i can tell that you florida avenue is back open now this morning. that is good news. we are still waiting to hear from fire investigators on what exactly happened inside here. at this point
the negotiations over the defense cuts and budget. this afternoon, mitt romney conceded florida. the move comes as the nation still waits to see what that state decided and they're still counting ballots there, not surprising. and miami dade finished counting absentee ballots and on to 3,000 provisional ballots. they blame the high volume of ballots that arrived on election day for delay. they're in the business of counting ballots. >>> inauguration preps are underway in washington. some of the area on the west side of the capital is blocked off. risers are going up, platform being built, the planners will meet the next few months to discuss security and crowd control. four years ago, the inauguration crowd is the largest on the mall and there is no estimate for this january's ceremony. >>> straight ahead on the news edge. >> your man. [ indiscernible ] >> they're graphic and in your face. are the antismoking ads work something then, how one city's plan to catch speeding drivers back fired. sue. >> and a nice bright day here. breezy and still very chilly. we have a pattern change that we're tac
. melanie a.m. wick is -- alnwick is in the newsroom with the final push. >> florida, ohio, iowa, new hampshire and yes, virginia getting multiple visits before the last day of campaigning is through. president obama ended in you're ore a colorado cheered by a crowd of 20,000 people. he made stops in florida telling supporters he will need them after the election. a first for mitt romney as he campaigned in traditionally democratic pennsylvania where polls suggest the state is relatively close. romney held events in iowa, ohio and virginia. the race is a squeaker and political analysts believe we night not have a clear winner tuesday night if it comes down to provisional ballots in ohio that, by law, don't get counted right away. right away. >> unless the president ones overwhelmingly in florida and virginia and doesn't need ohio and also wins in wisconsin and iowa and nevada and new hampshire, if if comes down to ohio, we won't have a winner and we won't even have the votes as you said counted until 10 days from election day. >> reporter: the latest poll numbers out show president ob
against florida. they handled that. florida an ugly game against missouri, but they won. a couple teams idle in south carolina and florida state and louisville, do you know they gave up the opening kickoff touchdown to temple? temple ran it back, 7-0 and charlie strong's team led by their quarterback, blasted temple, and the end result 45-17. now, that's a good story for you, folks, louisville and charlie strong still undefeated leading the big east. >> gus: so, with one tick remaining in this game, andre heidari will send it away. and heidari sends it into the end zone for a touchback. >> charles: you know, that's a classy move right there. do you know why? the onside kick is one of the more physically punishing plays in football, and the result's not going to change even if you get it because the clock's going to run out. and i think for lane kiffin to recognize that, not put any players in a punishing spot again, i got to tip my cap to him for that one. i think it's a class move from keeping the kids from having another hit, another contact. >> gus: well, disappointing evening for us
with a gritty performance but not enough falling to third ranked tennessee 72-69. >>> georgetown in florida playing on the uss baton in the navy marine corps classic. there's a florida forced turnover. it's fired to porter, a two-on- two break porter with the layin, hoyas down one. it was 27-23 florida at the break. that's all that was played tonight. the game was called due to condensation on the court. here's coach jp3. >> dangerous down here. it's very dangerous and we don't want anyone to get hurt, but on behalf of our institution and florida we just want to thank everyone for coming out. it's been an unbelievable experience for our guys. >>> at the patriot center tonight george mason playing host to uva. it was a close game in the 1st half. off a uva miss mason outrunning brian allen to paris bennett all alone underneath. patriots up one, but this game was tied 32-32 at the break. 2nd half game tied 50-50 until joe harris gets the pullup three. he had 19 points. cavaliers are up by three, but this game would be tied again. just over a minute to go, mason with the ball, allen with the s
and florida, there's really no path for romney to win. >> we can boil this down and make it real simple. if romney can win florida and virginia and i think he's starting to full away in both those states and -- pull away in both those states and ohio, romney wins the election because a lot of the little swing states are starting to break his way. i think he'll have a majority there. if obama wins ohio, obama takes the election. i'll make you a prediction. this is almost definitely going to a row count. if you look -- a recount. if you look at colorado, ohio, florida, those three states have recount provisions within certain percentages. i would be surprised if this election wraps up tomorrow. >> brendan, last word, do you think we'll have the winner tomorrow? >> i think we will and that's because the obama people have been very good about get out the vote. they're organized in every state. >> brendan daley, jack burkman, thank you both. you may need a scarf and gloves when you head to the polls tomorrow. let's get your election day forecast now with sue palka. >>> some of those polls op
in florida. a key battleground state with 29 crucial electoral votes. >> tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. tomorro we begin a better tomorrow and this is going to change for the better tomorrow. your work is making a difference. >> reporter: and holding two rallies in virginia alone. >> and to look at the record, earned and real with record. the president promised change but that can't be finished in speeches but in achievement. >> reporter: he's also campaigning in ohio. they have made the buckstate important in this race. no republican won the white house without carrying ohio. his running mate paul ryan holding a separate rally in the same state and the vice presidentual nominee is visiting iowa, colorado, and wisconsin today. >> so many americans are looking to you in repo, here in nevada and a handful of states like my own, and they're looking to you to make sure that you cast is your vote for real change. >> and romney and his wife will vote tomorrow and then they will visit two more states tomorrow. he wants to campaign until the polls closed, so he will be going back to the key s
, florida, ohio and colorado. >> >>> republican nominee governor mitt romney is scheduled to be in florida, ohio, new hampshire and virginia. his rally in the comment wealth will be held at george mason patriot center at 2:45 this affect. yesterday, governor romney had events in iowa, pennsylvania, florida and virginia. they are crisscrossing the states. >>> as the candidates make their final push, officials in new york and new jersey are now faced with the challenge of getting people out to vote. >> it's big challenge as clean- up and recovery efforts continue following hurricane sandy. >> reporter: nearly a week after sandy hit the east coast, power outages still plague parts of the northeast. that along with damaged and destroyed buildings could mean a lack of places for voters to cast their ballots. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he is working to ensure voter will not miss their opportunity to participate in the election. >> we'll do anything we can to help the board of elections. we've got to make sure everybody can vote. it is not going to be easy but we'll both work hard
, president obama is in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. mitt romney starts out in central florida and then he travels here to fairfax, virginia and then to ohio before bringing this long campaign to rest in new hampshire. that is where president obama began campaigning sunday. he ended in aurora, colorado cheered by a crowd of 20,000 people late last night. he also made stops in florida and ohio telling supporters he will continue to build on the last four years. mitt romney wrapped up his day in newport news, virginia in front of a large crowd at smithfield foods. he warned supporters of a difficult future if president obama wince a second term. talks of bipartisanship at rallies arer in the day. >> as long as i'm commander in chief, we will pursue our enmuse with the strongest military the world has ever known. but it is time to use the savings from ending two cars to pay down our debt. ur debt. -- two wars to pay down our debt, rebuilding america, repairing roads and bridges, putting people back to work right now. >> the same path means $20 trillion in debt pass onto our kids. it means cr
or airports comes here. the danger isn't just to crops. giant african smiles now multiplying in florida can spread deadly diseases. >> we found they're big and they eat a lot but they also carry parasites that are bad for humans. i believe you can eastbound die from the parasites. >> reporter: on the east coast, they are fighting the emerald ash bore are and asian longhorn beetle which are wiping out trees enmasse. >> reporter: in the war on stink bugs, the usda set of a line of traps at the edge of bob black's farm trying to find away to stop them. >> we still don't know the rhyme or reason of why they're feeding, when, where. >> reporter: we discover a beat until a tile shipment from italy. cargo found withest may be destroyed or sent back. sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> just last week, customs and border patrol announced it intercepted an invasive beetle in baltimore. >> it is the first time the beetle had been found in the u.s. if an envies i-5 pest gets into the country, it can cost billions of dollars to eradicate. -- if an invasive pest gets into the country, it can cost billions of dolla
the season on friday against number 10 florida from the deck of an aircraft carrier. the annual classic takes place off of the coast of jacksonville, florida, and giving them a chance for the action. >>> and maryland opens on friday in brooklyn against the defending national champs kentucky and they will have help. and they will play. the ncaa approved his waiver appeal this morning. >> tonight, the wizards are against the celtics in boston. they dropped the home opener to the celtics, 89-86. >> and down to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >> and some scary moments for a fairfax county girl. a man attacked her inside a bathroom. how it happened and the clues that could lead police to the suspect. >>> also, a fox 5 consumer report. and do you toss and turn night after night? a single change could be the answer to a good night's sleep. tonight on fox 5 news at 10. brian. >> and thank you. over to sue palka. >> the pattern change is coming, brian. going to be chilly the next few days and tonight as we drop to 38 degrees and maybe a light shower or a flurry, nothing that will ca
been wrong. >> they certainly have. the most famous instance, obviously, being in 2000, when florida was the devicive state between george bush and al gore. there were projections made, taken back, other projects made and taken back. that whole thing was frankly a fiasco. the networks are reluctant to get into that kind of situation again. >> what is the sign either campaign could be in trouble as they try to get tmagic number of 270? >> states that lean one way or another are expected to, like north carolina for romney or pennsylvania for obama. if either of those is very, very competitive, that is a sign of trouble. obviously ohio is a link pin in this election and both campaigns will be watching this -- a lynch pin and both states will be watching this debate. >> i don't know if you can extrapolate it to the local scene, but i know, perhaps, maryland, for example, their it's a heavily democratic state. there are a lot of issues on the ballot, the gay marriage and gambling. may dissuade republicans from voting because they feel the state's going to go toward president obama, anyway
virginia and georgetown faces florida. lindsay murphy has a preview of tonight's hoyas game, right? >> yes. the stage is set for the hoyas. a court and 3800 seats have been built on the uss ship. one of the many events taking place in weekend to honor the military. the basketball team arrived in jacksonville yesterday. they toured the ship yesterday all in preparation for their season opener tonight. you see the ship getting ready right there. tonight they tip-off against tenth raped florida. while neither team practiced outside this week to get ready, they tested the court out yesterday. this will be a bit of a litmus test for georgetown. no seniors. >> i feel like i need more time, you know. there are so many things that we still have to get better at and stuff to work on. you look and say the season ran up on us pretty quick. >> reporter: we are go have to defend. >> it's a big first game. most teams start out with lower ranked teams. we have our first game against florida, a team that's ranked in the top 25. we don't have a chance to relax. there is a lot of pressure on us from the be
in orlando, florida. live look from the scene there. you see jeff bush there in the background. getting ready to rally the crowd. and michelle obama will be appearing in orlando later today. by the end of the day, done all they can do and might be a brief moment of pause. before then, it is a mad dash to the finish line which includes five stops in virginia and four stops in ohio in just 48 hours. the vice presidential candidates are doing their part. joe biden and his wife have two stops planned in virginia today including a visit to sterling. joined by singer john melencamp. >>> then travel to colorado and iowa. the man on top of the republican ticket mitt romney hits four sunday. two in virginia and one in ohio before bringing his campaign to rest with a rally in new hampshire. endless speeches will be in wisconsin and ohio and wrap up his day in iowa. monday is more about energizing supporters and getting them out to the polls. >> it's going to be a close election. the national election is tied. the key part is what's happening on the battleground states. president obama has his advantage
. remember her? she was the secretary of state of florida. he's a republican, and was elected in 2010. he sent absentee ballot applications to every voter in ohio. and then some took part n sending back the absentee ballots. some got the ballots after requesting them, they'll go to the polling place on election day, and say no, you must cast a provisional ballots, and those can't be counted for 10 days. the long and short of it, i figure about a half million provisional ballots will be cast that won't be counted. and then to make matters worse, he send a directive out on friday saying that if the poll workers don't accurately put something in the envelope, the vote could be negated. the democrats are obviously going to go into court and try to overturn this. so you have a real big mess in ohio. >> very murky rationale there. a clear winner come tuesday night? >> unless the president wins in florida and virginia and doesn't need ohio and also wins in wisconsin and iowa and nevada and new hampshire, if it comes down to ohio, we won't have a winner. and we won't even have the votes counted t
axlerod said they would definitely win and a large latino vote in central florida, which is, when i was in the convention, tampa, the puerto ricans, not cuban americans, they want to draw the vote out. they know they're getting clobbered among white voters and this is about 36%. it's interesting that he's going to those states where there is heavy latino populations. they have to make sure that those people who are for obama come out and vote for him. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. we thank you as always. brian, campaign event cancelled last week by the omagh bama campaign is rescheduled for saturday in prince williams, virginia. >> you heard the race for the virginia u.s. senate seat has polls showing tim kaine holding a slim lead over republican challenger george allen, 50-46 and that lead is smaller than it was six weeks ago. today, cane joined anchor allison seymour to discuss the race as it entered the final stretch and this is a portion. >> reporter: with five days to go now, and it's been a year and a half at least. >> and that is 19 months. >> uh. >> are you happy
early votings, specifically in florida, 43% were democrats and 43% republicans. a judge there is also extending early voting hours after a suspicious package shut down one of the polling stations for hours. more than 17,000 people in maryland alone casting their early ballots. the state set up 46 early voting centers. voting officials were criticized for not having enough machines or staff to accommodate those long lines. and they seemed to get mixed reviews from voters we spoke with to. >> should have early voting. makes it easier for everyone to get to the polls. >> i want to vote on tuesday. i want to be part of the whole tuesday voting experience. get my sticker, walk around. i want the whole thing. >> polls will be open all day tomorrow in dc and maryland. and in virginia, voters can cast ballots between 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. all ballots will be announced after the polls closed at 8:00 p.m. she wants to be part of the day. i understand that. >> thank you so much. tony. >> all right. thank you very much. as parts of the northeast continue to recover from super storm sandy, there is
. the result of a new study straight ahead. >> florida social light at the center of the patraeus scandal. who is this woman, jill kelley? we're learning more. we'll be right back. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> you know the saying be kind to your kids. they pick up your nursing home when you are older. >> never heard it. >> certainly not news children grow up and take care of their parents. they are at odds on financials when it comes to it. found 24% of adult children expect to help their parents at some point. but 97% of parents don't think they'll need help. these results indicate families should talk about it. discuss options as more baby boomers reach retirement age. >> okay. just sounds like a big surprise when the time comes. >> nobody rea
outstanding are florida's 29 electoral votes. the vote count there, still too close to call. but that outcome will not have an impact on the end result here. we'll get to all of our election results in just a minute but first, we're also keeping an eye on some possible nasty weather coming our way. >> tucker has been talking about it, telling us about some cold wind. >> rain, snow. >> maybe a little winter weather. just a little bit of it. >> it is almost wintertime. >> it is only early november. we don't traditionally have snow events in early november. those of you that might remember back to 1987, we had a veteran's day storm. >> i heard sue palka talking about that. >> it dropped about a foot of snow. but it won't be like that for today. this is all about the nor'easter. it is starting to press toward the area and bringing cloud cover in overnight and will bring us some rain showers later this morning and then this afternoon as some of the real cold air in the upper atmosphere kind of gets pushed down to the ground. we could see that rain, height rain transition over to a period of winter
't just to crops. giant african snails now multiplying in florida can spread deadly diseases. >> the biggest problem with them is hey, they're big and they eat a lot, but think also carry parasites that are bad from humans. i believe you can even die from it. >> reporter: the asian longhorn beetle are wiping out trees en masse. >> it can happen pretty fast. so it's important we find these quickly. >> reporter: in the war on stink bugs the usda set up a line of traps on edge of bob black's farm trying to find a way to stop them. >> we still don't know rhyme or reason of why they're feeding, when. where. >> reporter: meanwhile back at the port we discover a beetle in a tile shipment from italy. >> we did find one hitchhiker but he may be dead. >> reporter: cargo found with invasive pests may be destroyed or sent back, the first line of defense in what is now a multi billion dollar bug battle, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> just last week customs and border patrol announced it intercepted an invasive beetle at the port of baltimore. the bug posed a significant threat to bean and
spending some time in florida in between. despite the different spots, the message is the same. >> our fight goes on because this nation cannot succeed without a growing, thriving middle class. our fight goes on because america always does best when everybody has a fair shot. and everybody does their fair share. and everybody plays by the same rules. that's what we believe, that's why you elected me in 2008. and that's why i'm running for a second term. >> tomorrow president obama will travel to wisconsin and ohio before ending in des moines. >>> romney is hitting ohio, virginia and pennsylvania. though pennsylvania leans democratic, the romney camp is hoping to make it a red state with a flurry of ads and tonight's rally north of philadelphia. >> we've journeyed far and wide for america's future. and now we're almost home. one final push will get us there. we've known many long days and short nights, and now we're close. the door to a brighter future is there. it's open. it's waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work. i want you to walk with me. let's walk together. we're tak
to the battleground states. president obama is in new hampshire, florida and ohio today. prom is in iowa, pennsylvania, virginia and florida. yesterday in virginia, president obama wrapped up a four-stop campaign day with a chilly but energetic event in bristow at jiffy lube live. the event drew 24,000 people who listened to former president clinton and listened to the dave matthews band. >> the american auto industry is back on top. home values are on the rise. housing construction is coming back. we're less dependent on foreign oil. because of the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform. the war in iraq is over. the war in afghanistan is coming to a close. al-qaida has been decimated, osama bin laden is dead. we are safer than we were four years ago. we've made real progress, virginia. >>> on the other side of the coin, mitt romney pushed for swing state votes in iowa yesterday. it's part of his tour of eight swing states leading up to election day. in his speech, he took jabs at the president and also laid out an optimistic vision for america. >> he's going to continue his war o
.s.s. bataan off the coast of jacksonville, florida. the amphibious assault ship plays host to georgetown and florida basketball later on today for the navy marine corps classic. this is video of crews electing bleachers and laying down a hard wood floor. >> this is a privilege for our program and our school to have the opportunity to go down and play in front ever the sailors. to have the opportunity to go down and tour and learn about and interact with the sail ours on the u.s.s. bataan and that alone is and honor to play in front of so many men and women who fight for this country. >> it seems like that would be cool to play basketball on a military ship. >> for a second there, i thought what if the ball goes into the water. but now i see. >>> any teacher will tell you if you want kids to learn, sometimes you have to get creative. >> beth parker has that story. >> reporter: one minute, it is a sidewalk. the next minute, a stage. stag >> my heart was beating real fast and i felt nervous a little bit. >> when i'm he on the dance floor, the dance floor just kind of speaks to me. -- when i
of the country is quiet. there will be some snow in the upper midwest. we'll keep an eye on florida, the swing state and there is going to be some shower and thunderstorm activity there as one little piece of energy not necessarily our nor'easter starts to round the coast. listen, around here, i think it will be on the chilly side. that rain should stay out of our area. maybe some showers and into georgia. thunder for the florida area and keeping an eye on what might be a nor'easter on wednesday. concerned for this in new england, new york, new jersey. one scenario takes it out to sea and another has it coming up the coast. not is like -- not like sandy. they don't need anything additional on what has happened there. the polls open locally on tuesday and we're expecting to have mostly sun around with the temperature in the low 50s, brian. >> in an interview with shepherd smith, when we return. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our h
to the university of florida which means he's probably just visiting friends and won't be traded at all. but no matter what team he's on, he'll still be not that good. because he's tim, tim tebow. >> we've got jillian michaels and she's with her baby. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. what's going on? >> look at lulu, so cute. >> adorable. >> we asked how she's juggles everything, a kid and being on the show. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god, diana ross. >> you're bouncing so much. this is a unique season, you've got motherhood and you're dealing with teen contestants. >> true. >> are you asking me how i'm juggling it all? not well, not well. no. >> i don't know how she -- you know there are lesbian rumors. >> she's out. she's totally out. she was at, like, the kennedy center -- >> softball tournament. >> that, too. >> ok. bye, bye. >> coming up -- >> amy weber had taken some naked photos to send to "playboy" but it didn't work out. >> she was worried someone would like sell her photos so she released the naked photos herself. >> we have the naked photos of the chick that got rejected by "pl
games to become bowl eligible, starting saturday against number 10 florida state. i have a feeling he's up for tough tasks. the freshman has two weeks of college qb experience. after starting the season on defense, and there is a no-win situation for him. he performed admirably and he's 15 of 30 in two games and the coach hopes this is a good one. >> i would love to see the place filled this weekend, again, to pay the respects to the seniors, most especially. and also, to this team for how they battling. and though they're handling, you know, all of these things. >> and to maryland hoops, the terps coming off of the first win of the season last night at home. the moorehead state, 67-45 and a big bonus the first two games, the xavier transfer in the lineup. produced eight points in each of the first two games and an exciting player to watch. last night, he was on the oop end of this alley-oop and he was cleared to play last week by the ncaa. he and the terps are back at it on friday against long island university. and there is no dispute coming the manager of the year is. the nationals
teams start out with lower ranked teams. we have a good first game against florida, a team that's ranked in the top 25. to we don't have a chance to relax. there is a lot of pressure on us from the beginning to prove to the world that we can play and that's what we're going to go out and do. >> the hoyas tip-off at 9:15. >>> let's head over to shawn with a look at what's coming your way next at 10:00. looks like we don't have time for that. we have a lot more coming your way. we have a lot of games to watch. see you tonight. 
they used to own and florida's former governor charlie christ once dated her twin sister, however he denies the claims. >>> nancy pelosi is staying on as a second term for house minority leader making the decision today. the congresswoman named a long list of issues she wants to work on during her next term. >> i talked about here out changing the role of money in politics. as really a very important motivator for me to stay in the leaders office. it must be done. >> she served in the white house in the house for 25 years and show is the first woman to serve as speaker. >>> a news alert out of prince georges county where a school bus full of students was involved in a crash. happened around 3:00 and 3:01 and they a say -- say a truck rearended a bus. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. >>> to the edge on maryland. police released you in pictures of a man they believe was behind a shooting at a wal- mart. the authorities say the suspect demanded money and forced one of the store managers into a parking lot and shot him. paul wagner is joining us live with the story. paul? >> reporter: an
presidential candidate today. the race neck-in-neck in florida, where the 29 electoral votes could end up deciding this thing. president obama sat down for an interview with craig patrick from our sister station wtvt in tampa. >> reporter: the president was very reflective. he was focused on his record. couple, this is the last day he will spend as a candidate and he suggested some of his negative campaign ads were out of bounds. we asked him for specifics, which ads he produced across the line. he would not give specifics but this is a heated, charged race because there was so much at stake. we also asked him to size up the integrity of the opponents and look at what the president said. they're looking for honesty and candor, putting visions and differences with the issues aside. do you consider mitt romney to be a man of integrity and if so, when is the last time you saw him show it? >> i will say governor romney is a very talented individual. obviously, he's been very successful in his life, and i think his commitment to his family and his community and his church are powerful. but, wh
. president obama with 303 electoral votes. mitt romney got 206. still outstanding is florida's 29 electoral votes. the vote count there just still too close to call but that will not impact the end result here. >> the other major story, historic ballot questions in maryland approved. we'll have much more on those results in just a few minutes. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a very busy night indeed. >> i hope everybody got a little bit of sleep. it is official. president barack obama wins another term as our nation's president. >> obama far exceeding the 270 electoral votes needed to win but the popular vote was a much closer race as we'll take a look at some of the numbers right now. melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning. despite a still weak economy and one of the most expensive campaigned in history, president obama managed to prevail in the hard-fought spring states sending him back to the oval office for four more years. j
. so far in florida, 4 #% have voted democrat and 41% republican. -- 43% have voted democrat and 41% republican. doug luzader has the poll numbers. recover this is where the race stands right now. a new fox news poll has it tied up 46% apiece, slightly tighter than just a few weeks ago. >> the obama team is hoping that image as like this will count for something, the president taking charge in the wake of superstorm sandy, touring the damage in new jersey. it didn't hurt that one of his strongest critic, new jersey governor chris christie, lavished him with praise. >> it has been a great working relationship to make sure that we're doing the jobs that people elected us to do. i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and for the people of our state. >> what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> reporter: and the president will be back on the trail today in nevada, colorado and wisconsin. mitt romney will be i
. we want to let you know that florida avenue, which was shut down earlier, is now open for traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> police in virginia have stepped up their search for the man they say tried to kill two police officers and his ex- girlfriend. 25-year-old lawrence stewart is accused of placing pipe bombs outside of their homes etch could be driving a red hyundai accent with virginia plates or a white nissan altima with pennsylvania plates. -- he could be driving a red hyundai accent. stewart is believed to be armed and dangerous. anyone with information is ask to the call stafford police. >>> charles county police have released a sketch of a man wanted in connection with a double shooting that killed a woman and critically injured her firefighter husband. this is the map that police are looking for. the suspect may be in his early 20s and is about six feet tall way slim build. the shootings happened on friday on a foot path in waldorf. the firefighter and his wife were walking their dog when the gunman walked by and started firing the shots. so far, investigators
, florida, virginia as well. >> let me ask you. we know the president gave his acceptance speech in chicago there four years ago. what is the plan for tomorrow night? however this ends up, will they be in the same area for the acceptance speech or for the, i can't think of my word, the concession speech tomorrow? >> right. the speech is here. recall four years ago, a huge outdoor venue where people came streaming in and it was so strangely warm in 2008, a warm day, 70 degrees and that is chilly, of course. inside the venue, where there is some supporters and they'll be invited, volunteers, and some members of the public smaller compared to grant park and it's still a large inside venue and that is going to be quite the event here. >> and you mentioned people being invited. this is not just open to the public then. everyone can't go down like they did four years ago? >> right. you will have to have a way to get in. there is a public area inside the venues. and i am sure most of the people were handpicked already. there is tons and tons of staff and volunteers given a place inside. >> all rig
highlight. people have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida. people stopped by to snap pictures or wait for a glimpse of kelly. >> this is news, because -- [inaudible] >> it's like the real housewives of tampa. >> kelley is considered a socialite in tampa. she approached the fbi in june about threatening e-mail from petraeus' mitt trespass paula broadwell. the fbi uncovered the e-mails between kelly and john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. tony? >>> thank you. whether they've been forced out or leaving voluntarily, leaders in business, government, sports, and even entertainment can face an awkward transition when they step down. while it's unclear how david petraeus' departure will affect the cia, others in the spotlight have managed to leave on top. joining us now is david heenan, a visiting professor at georgetown university, and author of the brand-new book, "leaving on top graceful exits for leaders" which is being published today. welcome to the show. boy, probably could not have picked a better week for this book to come out. >> a lot going on. lance arms
the day in florida concentrating on the victims of hurricane sandy. >>> and more than 19 million people already have voted in the up coming election by mail or in person. no votes will be counted until november 6th. voting picked back up in maryland after a two day suspension. there was a big turn out in buoy. hours were extended through tomorrow again because of sandy. >> some other top stories this morning, stanford county sheriffs stepped up the hunt for lawrence stewart. accused of trying to kill his ex girlfriend and police officers tuesday morning. no one was hurt. stewart may be driving a red hyundai accent or white nissan altima with pennsylvania plates. >>> police released a sketch for the suspect wanted in a shooting that killed a woman and injured her firefighter husband. the man is believed to be in his early 20s. the shootings happened friday on a foot path. the firefighter and his wife were walking a dog and started firing the shots. so far investigators have not released a motive. >> getting to know tim cain. former mayor, governor and chair. now, he wants to represent yo
. florida is still too close to call but the result there won't make a difference. melanie is live now with the latest on all of this. it was a late night. >> reporter: it was a late night. yesterday, it certainly didn't seem like it was a sure thing. so how was he able to put it together? he was able to emerge victorious by holding on to his key constituencies. and exit polls show most agree the economy is not in good shape. voters apparently didn't blame the president for that. it was after 1:00 in the morning when president obama strolled on to the stage to signed, sealed, delivered. he told the country has made gains and held hope for a brighter future. >> it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like, or where you love. it doesn't matter whether you are black or white or hispanic or asian or native american or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight. you can make it here in america. >> the president also thanked vice president joe biden who he called america's happy warrior for all the hard work on the campaign trail. >> differen
. >>> coming up the hokies aiming for an upset over no. 10 florida state. we're back after this. in celebration of over 75 years of our governmnment employees insurance company,or geico. i propose savings for everyone! and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! too bad nobody could hear me. >>> john wall's recovery is heading in the right direction according to randy wittman. the wizards' guard visited a doctor today which showed improvement in the left knee. last night the wiz battled back from 11 down in the 4th. chris singleton tied the game with a jam in the final seconds, but the celtics accelerated through the finish. the wiz host the bucks tomorrow night. >>> check this out. the makeover of the uss battan. the ship hosts the georgia basketball game on friday, a unique atmosphere off the coast of jacksonville. >> this is bigger than just game. it's brave for our program and our school to have the opportunity to -- a privilege for our program and our school to have the opportunity to play in front of our sailors, to have the opportunity to go down and fewer and
was brilliant about that. look at florida and a number of states where he registered college voters. >> i still say as close as this was, if you had a republican base that was enthused about their candidate, romney could have won tonight. even with obama starting out with something like 240 electoral votes. >> i disagree with that. as a democrat i'm happy about that. as a republican i'm not happy about that. we have huge issues in this country, right next week, the congress is going to talk about the so-called fiscal clip. we need to work together. the republicans just have no revenues at all. even obama says how be over $1 million a year. >> none of this changes the politics. the country is moving drastically. you see what's going on. the tragedies in europe. now we want to have the same thing in the united states. it's terrible. >> just look at the stock market. it's doubled in the last four years. the economy is getting better. i think it's going to improve if we had some cooperation from the other side, we could improve even more. >> i find it fascinating. i brought it up at george mason un
303. romney received 206. florida's 29 electoral votes have not yet been awarded but again, the outcome there will not affect the president's re- election. >>> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. hope you got a little rest. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it is finally done. it's finally done. the election is finally -- >> i think that makes everybody feel better. >> now i'm seeing commercials i haven't seen in months. >> we'll get to all the election results in just a minute but first we wanted to talk to you. >> we have a little bit of weather here. not a major deal but any time we are talking about went weather in november, even the threat of a snowflake, people start to losses it a little bit. >> he did. >> not a panic situation. we'll show you what's happening. it is cold. setting the stage here for a little wintertime. 41 right now in washington. 37 at dulles. 38 at bwi marshall. all right. this area of low pressure, this nor'easter we've been talking about for the past week, it feels like a week, ever since sandy finally starting to develop and ther
there will be a pretty good line of potential thunderstorms that set up in northern sections of florida and work themselves down through the state through the late afternoon and by wednesday this is the storm system that will begin to decide whether it's going to come up the coast as a nor'easter or head off to sea. i'm sure that everybody would agree here that we want this one to go off to sea. if it does go up the coast, it's going to provide a lot of rain, wind and some more, if it's possible are beach erosion to northeast. >>> the latest on superstorm sandy days after the storm slammed the northeast, the u.s. death toll rises to nearly 100. meanwhile difficult recovery efforts continue across the region. fox's david lee miller is on staten island. >> reporter: the new york city marathon is canceled. >> this year there of not unity around the player -- there was not unity around the marathon, anything but. it had become divisive and you can't have the marathon if it's divisive. >> there actually became this animosity towards runners. >> reporter: about 40,000 runners from around the world w
-for-grabs category: ohio, florida, virginia, north carolina, new hampshire, iowa, wisconsin, colorado, and nevada. brian, that is a wide margin where the candidates will battle the next few days. >>> tonight, video of mitt romney discussing his mormon faith and abortion has gone viral. he ran for president in '08 and sat down in iowa and discussed his faith and view on abortion. >> my faith has strong beliefs -- i was beaten up in boston because i encouraged girls not to have abortions but adoption. i have not done anything to viola the principles of my church in that regard. >> romney said while the mormon church doesn't condone abortion, the church doesn't say a punish has to be opposed to allowing choice in society n. '08, he said there were plenty of democrats who were mormons and pro-choice. >>> the advocacy group nuns on the bus is back on the road today. the members gathered this morning at a church near arlington. 200 supports turned out. they planned to make stops in several cities in virginia, including richmond and virginia beach. the group has been critical in the past. the republican
fox 5 on time traffic. >>> listen to this, and look at this, a group of students in florida making the impossible possible. they built shoes that let them walk on water. it's all part of an assignment for an architecture class. the students raced across, i wouldn't say race, but went across a 175-foot lake. oh, they are racing, all right. on the campus of florida international university. the winner got -- oh, that guy didn't win -- winner got 500 bucks. the professor said he hopes the exercise teaches students that anything is possible. wow. >> very cool stuff. >> that is very cool. >>> still ahead, top honors for a local high school's marching band. >> here's holly live in montgomery county today. >> reporter: top honors indeed. we're talking about the maryland state champs, as we are live this morning at quince orchard high school, where the cougars are fresh off their tile win. coming up next, we're going to find out all about their award winning show, that's live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. mbarrassg it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you.
states. at 8:00 p.m., the polls close in two battleground states, florida and new hampshire. democratic leaning areas of florida tend to be the last to report. don't jump to early conclusions. pennsylvania will closes at 8:00 is where romney hopes he can pull off an upset. at 9:00 p.m., polls close in 14 other states. colorado and wisconsin. then at 10:00, the last of the swing states close. iowa and nevada. that's a little indication of how the evening could play out. so you might want to put a pot of coffee on for sure. could be staying up until tomorrow night. we may not go to sleep. >> you are very possibly right. thank you. appreciate it. >> we should say the broadcast does begin a little earlier tomorrow morning. >> 4:00 a.m. >> can't wait. >> in case you have to go to sleep. >> who knows? after 2,000, anything goes. there's a live shot. clear skies across the area but it is cold this morning. temperatures falling back into the 20s for most of the region and here in town, low to mid 30s. 34 at regan national. going to be a cool afternoon. even with the bright sunshine yesterday w
the break. >> also coming up, there is a new tourist destination in florida, and it has something to do with the petraeus sex scandal. >> and looking for an extra boost of energy? why some say you should think twice before downing a bottle of 5-hour energy or another popular drink. details about a federal investigation next. >> also, he is the latest celebrity to get the madam tussaud's treatment. we'll tell you what steven colbert is doing in d.c. today. wow. >> as we take you to the break, live look outside. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, that's next. p risis,h >>> the home of the woman linked to the scandal involving former cia director david petraeus and his mistress has become a must see for the tourists and local residents have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida, to take pictures or wait for a glimpse of the socialite herself. i know we're not supposed to do this now. i have been to tampa and driven down there, because i'm like, lock at these beautiful homes and, you know, you understand the
all the electoral votes in that state. >> in 2000, i was in florida in west palm beach watching as they counted hanging chads. won't be quite as bad this time in ohio but ohio is a mess. >> ohio, i just don't see how you and i are going to be able and the rest of fox 5 to talk about a result. the reason why is because the secretary of state has sid said for the very first time absentee ballot possibilities to all 7 million voters and the people that requested them and then decide not to actually send in an absentee ballot will have to cast a provisional ballot on election day and those ballots which will be hundreds of thousands of them, will not be counted until ten days after the election. so i don't think we're going to be able to determine which way ohio went after all this conversation about ohio. >> and lastly, 20 seconds here, a bit of levity from the obama campaign, talk being shaving mustache. >> david axelrod said, mark his word, if michigan, minnesota or, we talked about pennsylvania go to mr. romney, he would shave his mustache off. >> fox 5 political analyst mark pl
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